Khaleesi Baltic Amber Ring


Baltic amber gemstones come from the Baltic region of Northern Europe and is formed by fossilized tree resin. Amber is associated with Leo and Aquarius zodiac signs, and is considered the birthstone of Cancer--representing the element of fire. Amber is a powerful healer of the body; it is said to draw out disease, ease symptoms of depression, and treat the stomach, the throat, and bodies filtration organs (kidneys, spleen, liver). Amber exudes an overall warm and wise nature, attracting good luck and good health to those who carry it.

Size 6.5

Handcrafted in the truest sense, each piece is formed from rough material and without the use of machine molds or casting. All components of a piece---from the bezel which holds the stone, to the setting, to the ring shank or band, is designed, formed, and assembled individually with precision, patience, and care. Hand crafted jewelry is the benchmark for craftsmanship in fine jewelry as it requires highly skilled labor to manually control tools materials and temperatures to accurately work. Because of this, my pieces take anywhere between 3 hours to 2 days to create—but craftsmanship ensures they will stand the test of time.