Q. How is your jewelry made?                             A.  Hand made or handcrafted jewelry is jewelry that is made by hand without the use of machines molds or casting. In a hand made piece of jewelry all materials must be shaped formed and assembled. The necklaces, bracelets, rings—a lot of thought goes into each design, and a lot of time and effort goes into crafting each piece from beginning to end. Hand crafted jewelry is the benchmark for craftsmanship in fine jewelry as it requires highly skilled labor to manually control tools materials and temperatures to accurately work. Machine powered cutters, drills, and lathes can be used as long as they are operated manually, and guided by the artisan’s hands.                                                                  Because each piece of jewelry is crafted by hand, you are bound to find imperfections. With our sterling silver metal-stamped jewelry, for example, each character is hand stamped individually, therefore the letters may not be perfectly even.  They will have slight variation in spacing, depth and alignment.These should not be seen as defect. We embrace the beauty of imperfection, and we’re proud that each piece is unique.                                                   Rebel + Ruse jewelry is made to order, handcrafted with love, in St. Louis, MO. Please allow 1-3 weeks to finish your jewelry.  Contact us if you need it faster and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Q. How do you price your items?
A. Pricing is based on design complexity & difficulty, metal and gemstones. Since each piece is made without the use of machine molds or casting, pieces can take between 6 hours and 2 days to create from start to finish. 

Q. How do I find out my ring size?                    

A. Please see ring sizing chart. If the ring sizing chart is used properly you may determine your ring size. An alternate method would be going to any local jeweler and requesting your finger to be sized. *Please note: Visiting a jeweler is the most accurate way to determine your ring size. We are not responsible for any incorrect interpretations of the ring-sizing chart.

Q. How do you choose your stones?
A. I  care about the earth, so I make my jewelry in the most carefully and responsible way. I hand-select fine gemstones that are conflict free; I  choose suppliers who care and who make sure that these precious gems are mined responsibly too. I use recycled and responsibly-mined metals to make your fine jewelry too.

Q. How can I begin the custom process?
A. Simple! Explore my collection via website or social media (Instagram, facebook); Select your favorite pieces, identifying them by name/listing/post info; Note any changes, additions or special details you’d like to include in your design. Once we settle on a design I will collect a nonrefundable down payment for supplies/work to be done and your custom piece will be in the works!

Q. I saw a ring that I really like , but now I don’t see it in your webshop anymore! Do you still make it?
A. Yes, I probably do but it sometimes it takes time to upload everything onto the website. Just ask and I will send you a picture to confirm that we are talking about the same ring.

Q. How long will it take to process and ship my order? 
A. I make every attempt to process orders as quickly as possible. If all of the items you have requested are in stock, it will take an average of 24-48 hours to process and ship your order. This excludes specialty items (charms) which have an extended processing time of 7-14 business days prior to shipment due to very high demand.

Q. How will my order be shipped? 
A. Orders that are sent out with standard shipping will be shipped out First Class United States postal mail. This will take an estimated 3-7 business days for delivery but we have found in rare cases that it can take up to 10 business days. Please note that weekends, bank and/or government (non-mail) holidays and major holidays are NOT included as business days.

Q. What shipping methods do you offer and what are the costs? 
A. I provide four shipping methods:
First class US postal mail at the flat rate price of $5.60 (3-7 business days)
Priority US postal mail at the flat rate price of $9.95 (2-3 business days)
Express Mail (US Only) at the flat rate price of $26.95 (1-2 business days)
International shipping at the flat rate price of $9.95 (10-14 business days)
*Please note shipping time takes place after an standard or extended processing time associated with certain items.

Q. Do you ship internationally? 
A. Yes, I  do ship internationally. Shipping cost is a standard flat rate of $9.95 plus whatever duties and taxes you may incur. Average international shipping time is 10 to 14 business days after processing, but can take up to 30 days.

Q. When are orders shipped? 
A. Orders are shipped out Monday through Friday. Orders will not be processed or shipped out on weekends or holidays.

Q. Will I be charged tax? 
A. Tax will only be charged on orders delivered within Missouri at a sales tax rate of 8.25%

Q. Can I wear my item while washing my hands (In the shower, etc.)? 
A. Yes you may wear the item while coming in contact with water, but we do not suggest it. Soaps and lotions can cause build up on the stones reducing brilliance. Also, common household chemicals such as anti-bacterial soap can cause the Rhodium finish to be worn away. A good common rule to follow with jewelry is: Last thing to put on before you leave and the first thing to take off when you get home.

Q. Will these rings turn my finger green? 
A. No, in almost all cases, these rings will not turn your finger green. However, if a person has a naturally high acidity level to their skin, it is possible for their finger to “turn green” from silver or gold jewelry, especially when the weather is warm and humid. This “green finger effect” may also be an allergic reaction to alloy elements in sterling silver or gold. In some cases, the alloys used to make jewelry more durable, may react with your body chemistry, causing a harmless green or black discoloration on the skin. The rhodium plating that can be found on many of our pieces serves not only to make the jewelry look beautiful but also acts as a defensive layer, preventing this reaction from happening. Another reason for skin discoloration may be the use of lotions, soaps or chemicals that come in contact with your skin on an everyday basis (i.e.: antibacterial soap and household cleaning supplies). A good common rule to follow with jewelry is: Last thing to put on before you leave and the first thing to take off when you get home.

Q. What do I do if I received my items damaged? 
A. I’m sorry to hear about your issue with the item that you ordered. I do my very best to provide our customers with beautiful, quality products that they'll enjoy. While I do thoroughly inspect my items before shipping, it has been found on rare occasions that, during transport in rough conditions, stones can be lost and items may be damaged. If you receive an item that is missing a stone or has been damaged in some other way, please contact me immediately. NOTE - DAMAGED ITEMS MUST BE REPORTED TO US WITHIN 72 HOURS OF PACKAGE DELIVERY

Q. How long will it take to process my return? 
A. I do my best to process returns as fast as possible. All returns, be they refunds or exchanges, are processed with in 10-14 business days of initiation.

Q. Tell me more about turquoise?

  Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is also known as hydrous aluminum phosphate. Colored by copper salts, turquoise is found in a variety of rock formations. The particular rock in which turquoise occurs is responsible for the matrix in a piece. The matrix may show up as black lines, brown patches, quartz crystals or even iron pyrite.

 Turquoise has been used as an ornimental stone in jewelry for thousands of years. It is commonly found in the distinctive silver jewelry produced by the Navajo and other Southwestern Native American indian tribes. 

The color of turquoise stones varies from pale green to intense blue, and many shades in between. Variations in color as well as the matrix can occur within a single vein of turquoise that’s being mined. This makes it almost impossible to identify the exact source of every piece of turquoise.
It is rare and quite valuable in finer grades. In recent times, turquoise, like most other opaque gems, has been devalued by the introduction of treatments, imitations, and synthetics onto the market. As with most precious stones, the price of turquoise depends upon the quality of the piece as well as current demand. For example, some of the turquoise taken from a mine in New Mexico in 1893 averaged $5.00 per carat. By 1907 it had reached $25.00 a carat; over one hundred times more expensive per ounce than gold was at that time!
Green turquoise is not necessarily softer than blue turquoise. Pale blue, soft turquoise will turn a dark green over time, but turquoise that starts out green is that way naturally. Body oils, detergents and lotions will cause soft turquoise or some spots in harder turquoise to turn green.

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